DeRolf Animal Hospital

1401 Mill Race Dr.
Salem, VA 24153


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Our Patients

Some of our favorite pictures

This album is a collection of our clients and their pets. Feel free to provide us with a picture of your pet for us to include in our collection.


This is Moses, again, just a little older, but still as happy!


This is our good friend Moses, when he was younger. He is always a happy, happy boy


RIP, she was a very good friend for many years.


"Millie" is soooo sleepy!

"Lucy" being sleepy

"Lucy" is a sleeping beauty!

"Elmo" & "Oscar"

Look at those handsome boys!

"Ciara" "Lia" & "Riley"

Sitting pretty for ice cube treats!

"Xena" & "Dobie" relaxing

Chester and Mister Man

Addie Hackney

Daisy, Hoover, and Pepper

The "Dibble" Crew

"Quincy" Wade

"Quincy" was a sweet girl who loved us here at DAH. R.I.P.