DeRolf Animal Hospital

1401 Mill Race Dr.
Salem, VA 24153


   Our Staff


Dr. Lee Metrey, Owner

Dr. Metrey has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Virginia Tech.  She received her DVM from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999.  She joined DeRolf Animal Hospital in 2008.  Dr. Metrey spends her free time with her husband and two kids.  She currently has four cats: Luxo, Peter Pan, Ciki & Ohana, and one dog: Patrick.



AnneMarie Stocki, LVT & Owner

AnneMarie joined the DeRolf Animal Hospital team in August of 2014. She graduated from Blue Ridge Community College in 2018 as Veterinary Technology Student of the Year, awarded by the VALVT. She lives in Salem with her husband and daughter. She has two Boxers (Annie and Barney), one Mastiff (Ava), 4 cats (Fia, Louie, Sushi, and Rue), three miniature pot bellied pigs (Petunia, Theo, and Juliana), and a few dozen chickens and ducks. 



Dr. Dirk DeRolf, Founder

Dr. DeRolf, or Dr. D as many call him, is a graduate of Virginia Tech and the first class of the Virginia Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1984, and has been practicing in the Roanoke Valley ever since. He enjoys the challenges of surgery and medical diagnostics more now than ever, and is committed to service in this community. Dr. D enjoys distance running (picture Forest Gump meets Pee Wee Herman), reading, cooking (Indian, Thai), Buffett tunes and Latin beats. He is convinced he is allergic to snow and has a palm tree deficiency. Dr. D enjoys his wonderfully eclectic staff, and appreciates folks who use their heads, think outside the box, work hard, and have fun while doing it. He is an excellent driver, practices the Golden Rule whenever he can, and expects to live forever. So far, so good.


Dr. Shannon Smith

Dr. Smith completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware and graduated from VMRCVM in 1998.  She began working at DeRolf Animal Hospital in 2008 and lives in Salem, VA with her husband and 3 children.  Dr. Smith's family also includes one horse, four dogs, one cat, twenty or more chickens, and multiple ducks. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, painting, drawing, sewing, gardening, reading and baking.


Dr. Tammy Castellucci

Dr. Castellucci, who also goes by Dr. Tammy, worked for us as a relief veterinarian for multiple years before joining us part time in 2020. She is a graduate of Virginia Tech with both a DVM and PhD in 2015. She and her husband live in Salem with their six dogs: Annie, Abby, Millie, Betty, Cora, and Floyd. She enjoys hiking, knitting, craft beer and all hound dogs!



Betsy, Office Manager

Betsy has been with us since April of 2015. She enjoys riding her horse, Mandalay, and enjoys all things Corgi related! She has also added two goats to her family, Rocky Road and Moose Tracks! Her home also is occupied by two dogs (Spuds and Tater Tot) and four cats, two of which are three-legged orange boys!



Kaitlin, LVT Student

Kaitlin joined our team in August of 2022. She is currently in school to become a LVT. She started working in veterinary medicine in 2017 here in Virginia but moved to Florida for a few years before moving back to Virginia with her husband, two dogs, and three cats.



Lindsay, Veterinary Assistant

Lindsay became a proud part of the DeRolf Animal Hospital team in 2012. She has one dog, Marla, and three cats, Marceline, Cake and Tobano. In addition to her obvious love of animals, her other main hobby is music. She loves listening to 70's and 90's rock. She plays piano, trumpet, dabbles in guitar and is a self proclaimed band geek. In high school, she was in marching band and was drum major her junior and senior year. In college she  studied creative writing and psychology, and is considering going back to school to be a LVT. After work, she likes to knit and crochet while watching Fraiser and Roseanne. 


Logan, Veterinary Assistant

Logan joined DeRolf Animal Hospital in September 2018. She has one dog, Pinto Bean, and likes to take him hiking. She loves to travel, and has a passion for photography. She aspires to be a LVT and is working towards going back to school. 



Kassidy, Veterinary Assistant

Kassidy joined us in June 2021. She has two dogs (Angus and Tucker) and five cats (Kleo, Oscar, Piper, Poppy and Shrimp).



Melanie, Veterinary Assistant

Melanie joined the team in August 2020. She graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2022 and hopes to go to Vet School one day! She has one cat (Kuzco), and a Wirehaired Dachshund (Enzo).



Jessica, Veterinary Assistant

Jess joined us in September of 2019. She has aspired to work in the Veterinary field since she was little. She would like to go back to school one day to be an LVT. Aside from her passion for animals, she loves reading, drawing, and traveling. 


Dakota, Veterinary Assistant

Dakota joined us in June of 2022. She lives in Salem with her husband and her two daughters. She has three dogs (Yoda, Dixie and Marley).



Jennifer, Receptionist

Jennifer has been a part of our team since February of 2015. She is originally from Bristol, CT. and now lives in Elliston with her husband and two sons. She has three dogs and one cat but has a love for birds. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, taking walks, and playing fetch with the dogs. 



Kayla, Receptionist

Kayla started with us in June of 2021. She graduated from Radford University with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in May of 2018. She is an avid holiday lover and you will frequently find her outfits coordinating with any upcoming holiday! She also enjoys writing, reading, coloring, & video games. 



Emily, Receptionist

Emily joined us in September of 2022. She has an associates degree in Environmental Science. She enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, reading, and playing video games. She has one ferret (Phoebe), one dog (Bobby), and two cats (Sage and Bieber)

Remy, Kennel Attendant

Remy started working as a pet sitter and kennel attendant after high school in 2020. They joined the team here in early 2022. They have three dogs (Vido, Chile, and Sunkist) and three cats (Nova, Archie, and Bob) as well as 30 odd chickens and two turkeys (Beowulf and Linda).



Annabel, Kennel Attendant

Annabel joined us in January 2022. 



Lisa, Kennel Attendant

 Lisa is originally from Salem, VA and now lives in Roanoke with her husband and son. She has four cats. Lisa has been with us since 2008! In her free time, Lisa enjoys cross stitching, knitting, reading, and listening to good ol' rock n' roll!